Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? winner celebrates by boozing with his family

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? winner Donald Fear has been boozing with his family to celebrate his jackpot win.

Donald, 57,  became the first person for 14 years to scoop the ITV show’s jackpot on Friday's episode.

When his shocked neighbours in Telford Shropshire realised the winner lived nearby they came out of their homes and applauded him in the street.

He has been pictured clutching a bottle of champagne with his family who are holding glasses of fizz.

The overjoyed teacher, told the Sunday Mirror: “It’s been fantastic.”

He revealed it was “very difficult” to keep his win a secret after filming the episode in July, adding he managed to hide it from everyone, even his kids until the day before the episode aired.

He told how he will be celebrating his windfall with pupils when he heads back to the classroom tomorrow.

He said: “I’m a natural prattler who doesn’t find it easy to keep his tongue under control.

“The kids and staff in my school are amazing. I can’t wait to feel the love.”

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Attending the boozy knees-up were his parents Jim and Pat, wife Debra, their son Chris, 22, and daughters Izzy, 26, Ali, 30, and Cat, 31, as well as their partners.

His brother Davyth, 60, who won £500,000 on the show last year, watched the episode from his home.

Debra said: “Some of the family found out on the day because some are living in the house, but one of our daughters only found out yes­­­ter­­day. We kept it secret.”

Host Jeremy Clarkson was so stunned by his knowledge, he quipped: “It’s like sitting next to the internet.”

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The whizz even left the show having used up only one of his lifelines – the 50-50.

Donald said: “I was lucky. I didn’t have questions like: ‘What is Richard Gere’s middle name?’ A quiz is very easy if you know the answers and I did."

The show was pre-recorded last month and Donald had to keep quiet about his victory, but took wife Deb to the north east for a break the day after filming.

They had planned a trip through Europe this year but Covid-19 meant they had to abandon that.

Looking forward to buying his motorhome, he said: “I’ve never had one! So I’m afraid a motorhome in Wales is what I am going to spend my million pounds on. The only thing you could spend that amount of money on is moving house but I’m very happy with our house and we’ve been here 27 years so why move somewhere else?”

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