Winnipeg residents frustrated by windrows blocking driveways and sidewalks

Residential snow clearing efforts began Sunday night, but complaints about large piles of snow and ice being left behind are already pouring in.

Piles of leftover hardened ice chunks are blocking sidewalks due to plows clearing sidewalks before roads.

Brittnay Maydaniuk making her way around a pile of snow on Lyle Street.

“It takes way more energy, it takes longer, and it’s just really frustrating,” says Maydaniuk.

She walks to the bus stop on a regular basis and says snow and ice have been blocking walkways for more than four days straight.

“I’ve seen bike lanes plowed before sidewalks and there’s more people walking than biking,”

Windrows are so high in some areas they are burying and wrecking fences.

A fence on the city’s property sits covered in snow just of Lyle Street in St. James.

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While sidewalks and streets are the city’s responsibility to plow, the head of snow clearing operations, Michael Cantor is asking anyone with concerns to call 311.

“Some will be missed and we have inspectors on the streets going around inspecting the work, if we have deficiencies we’ll get people back to clear those.

If people see them they can always call 311 and we will address them.”

“They left way to much snow behind this time… yeah it’s been a rough winter,” St. James resident Harry Engen says.

Engen and other Winnipeggers having to shovel windrows and excess snow on sidewalks are hoping crews do a more thorough job next time around.

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