Winnipeg transit planning free rides as legal job action begins

Your bus ride Tuesday could be free thanks to the Winnipeg’s transit union.

The union has announced its members will be taking legal job action, as the union continues to sit without a contract.

“We’ve been without a contract since January of this year and our members want the city to get serious and treat our members with respect,” said Aleem Chaudhary, ATU 1505 President.

Its members overwhelmingly rejected the city’s offer over a month ago with 98 percent not in favor.

This means Winnipeg bus drivers aren’t obligated to ask riders to pay a fare before boarding the bus Tuesday.

The city previously said the legal action could interrupt transit service, however the union says they’ll still operate – but instead won’t be requesting bus fares.

“We want to take action without disrupting service for the 170,000 rides that our members provide daily,” Chaudhary said in a press release.

Members of the union will be seen on Monday handing out flyers to inform riders of the job action.

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