Woman claiming to be Madeleine McCann is ‘hoax to push career’, says TikToker

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    A man who was the first person to interview the Polish woman who claims she could be Madeleine McCann has said that her minder is using her.

    Chris Chandler, a freelance TikTok reporter from London, interviewed Julia Wendell before Dr Fia Johannson started gatekeeping her.

    He said that any subsequent attempts to reach the 21-year-old were blocked by the self-styled “Persian Medium”, who is supporting Julia's claim.

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    Chris, 34, who previously declared he will “eat his own hat” if Julia’s story turns out to be true, said he is “suspicious” of the Dr.

    “There’s two sides, either she believes she’s Madeleine McCann and is the real deal and I’ve been miraculously wrong over the last week, or she is Madeleine – and oh my goodness what a massive story that would be,” he told the Daily Star.

    “But this could all be an elaborate hoax for her to push her career. Her mother said in a statement that she always wanted to be a singer. This is when I started to connect the dots.”

    Chris, who is approaching 10 million Tiktok views, was referring to a post from Dr Johannson in which she mentioned that Julia had written 72 songs about her ordeal.

    He said that Dr Johannson tried to say a statement from Julia’s family, saying she always wanted to be a singer, came from a fake Facebook page.

    “But Dr Phil got it from the family so it wasn’t fake,” he said.

    “Perhaps this is just to do with her music career because I find it very, very suspicious because the family are saying that she is lying, it’s a hoax and that she wants to become a singer and then all of a sudden she’s doing karaoke on Instagram and apparently she’s written 72 songs!”

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    Chris said he is suspicious about the fact that Dr Johannson even has links to subscribe to exclusive content on her posts about Julia.

    He said: “Every time something comes out it’s posted on her Instagram story. As Julia was leaving for Poland she [Johansson] said to her ‘what would you like to say to your fans and followers?'

    “Someone claiming she is, or could be Madeleine McCann…you wouldn’t use the terminology ‘fans’ or ‘followers’ would you?”

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    Chris is sticking by his initial intuition, that Julia is not Madeleine.

    “I’m 99.9% convinced that she’s not Madeleine McCann in my mind. I definitely do think she does need support, whatever the outcome is the girl needs help,” he said.

    Speaking about his interview with her, Chris said he thought “she was a really lovely girl”.

    “It would be a very sick thing if it turns out that she is part of it as well,” he explained, ‘it’ being an apparent hoax.

    Dr Fia Johannson has been contacted for comment.

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