Woman claiming to be Madeleine McCann was ‘annoyed’, says body language expert

The young Polish woman claiming to be missing British girl Madeleine McCann showed signs of "annoyance" at her family, a body language expert has claimed.

Julia Wendell has repeatedly claimed she might be Madeleine, the young British girl who went missing during a family holiday to Portugal in 2007.

Dr Fia Johansson, a private investigator and medium who is helping the Polish national learn her true identity, has kept the world informed on developments on her Instagram.

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Julia appeared on American chat show Dr Phil on Monday (March 27) to tell her story and present "evidence" for her case.

But body language expert Adrianne Carter told the Daily Star that during that appearance, Julia showed signs of "annoyance" at her family back home.

Firstly, a "shrug" from Julia revealed that she had "no conviction or confidence in what we just heard or said" when quizzed about her birth mum.

"One-sided shoulder shrug from Julia when being asked if her mother gave birth to her. A one-sided shoulder shrug happens when we have no conviction or confidence in what we just heard or said," Ms Carter explained.

"In this context of the one-sided shoulder shrug, Julia doesn't believe her mother gave birth to her."

Ms Carter added that Julia appeared "annoyed" that her family back home in Poland don't believe her claims that she is Madeleine.

"Julia tightens her lips at the end of the statement when hearing she isn't Madeleine from her family statement.

"Lip tightening is a sign of annoyance," she said. "She is annoyed that her family are saying she isn't Madeleine."

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Yesterday, we reported how Ms Carter said Julia showed signs that she was "stressed or fearful."

When Dr Phil was reading a statement from Julia's parents, the young woman swallowed, an indicator that she was uncomfortable according to Ms Carter.

"We see Julia swallow when hearing the statement from her parents. A swallow is an unconscious gesture when we are stressed or fearful," she told the Daily Star.

"In this context, Julia could be feeling stressed or fearful in case any evidence comes to light that proves she isn't Madeleine."

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