Woman ‘did a little dance’ after being caught having sex in public by child

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A woman who was seen by multiple people having a romp in public was told by a judge it "wasn't a good year at all".

Nicola Henderson, 48, was caught in the act by a horrified child and grandparent and reportedly "did a little dance" after she was spotted making whoopie.

Henderson, of Bridge Road, Stockton, also stabbed a security guard in Aldi with a needle in after she was caught placing a bottle of whisky into a handbag.

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Teesside Crown Court heard back in April of last year that Henderson, along with another woman, tried to swipe the bottle from the Stockton branch of the supermarket when a security guard witnessed the offence.

Christopher Bevan, prosecuting, said the security guard then tried to stop her from leaving the store and attempted to retrieve the whisky from her bag when she stabbed him with a needle.

Mr Bevan told the court Henderson did not recall stabbing him with the needle, but admitted the offence because she was a "drug addict" and also told officers she had previously had hepatitis C.

Mr Bevan said: "He felt two sharp scratches, like injuries with a needle. He was left with two puncture marks."

She also admitted having sex in a public place in July last year after a child witnessed what they thought was two people fighting and told their grandparent.

Mr Bevan said: "The grandmother said it was clear these two people were having sex in a public place. Another woman appeared and started shouting at the pair.

"The male got dressed and ran off, but the female took her time getting dressed and did a little dance."

Police were then called and managed to track down the pair, who were both heavily intoxicated, the prosecutor said.

In addition to the shock offences, Henderson pleaded guilty to stealing £16.75 worth of alcohol from Sainsbury's in Middlesbrough on 14 July last year and stealing household items totalling £79.13 from B&M with a male co-conspirator in Redcar on 17 December last year.

The court heard Henderson had a "troubled background" and had 24 previous convictions for a myriad of different offences including fraud, theft and prostitution.

However, Henderson, who was homeless at the time the offences were committed, was placed on a programme with Stockton Council and given a final chance to turn her life around by a judge.

Henderson once again appeared at the Middlesbrough court on Monday (September 5) and it was heard she was trying hard to make a change.

Judge Christopher Smith told Henderson he had to sentence her following the "raft of offences" she "got up to last year", saying she had "got a bit of history" with stealing.

He added: “You also were so intoxicated you lost your sense of self and were seen having sex in public.

"Last year wasn't a good year at all.

"It has got to be a prison sentence. Whether you serve it is not up to me, it’s up to you.”

As Henderson has been "doing very well over the last few months", Judge Smith suspended her 18-month prison sentence for 18 months, and she must also complete 30 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

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