Woman goes berserk on Miami-to-NYC flight, punches flight attendant: feds

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A Brooklyn woman allegedly became irate and punched one of the flight attendants on an American Airlines flight to New York from Miami on Sunday, prosecutors said.

Chenasia Campbell, 28, is facing federal charges after prosecutors allege she attacked the airline worker twice in a matter of minutes as the jet made its way up the East Coast.

Campbell reportedly proclaimed “cops aren’t going to anything to me” during the assault — which began when she followed another flight attendant to the crew area of the plane “yelling at that flight attendant for not picking up her garbage,” a criminal complaint filed Monday reads.

The incident’s eventual victim approached in an attempt to separate the two women, prosecutors said. Campbell then allegedly accused the second flight attendant of pushing her before punching the woman “with closed fists” and pulling on her hair, prosecutors say.

Campbell walked toward the bathroom in another section to argue with other passengers, then returned to her victim and struck again, the feds allege.

“The defendant stated to the Victim that the ‘cops aren’t going to do anything to me,’” court filings said.

Campbell resumed swinging and the two woman fell to the floor, where Campbell “attempted to pull up or remove the Victim’s dress,” prosecutors said.

An off-duty NYPD cop on the plane intervened and placed Campbell in handcuffs. The flight crew requested and were denied permission to land immediately, and Campbell was cuffed upon arrival at Kennedy Airport in Queens.

The alleged assailant is set to appear Monday afternoon in Brooklyn federal court.

American Airlines did not immediately return a request for comment.

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