Woman slams bloke to ground with spinning leg kick after trying to grab her

A video circulating on Facebook has captured the moment a woman slammed a bloke to the ground with a spinning leg kick after he tried to grab her.

The acrobatic-style takedown was seen on the streets of Hong Kong after the pair seemed to get in a row, with the man grabbing the woman by the arm.

But she struggled to shake him off as he then tried to grab her legs to carry her – which turned into a huge mistake on his part.

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The woman wrapped her legs around his neck and used her body to slam him into the concrete.

The person who filmed the incident posted the video to Facebook claimed they were waiting for the takeaway he ordered from a TamJai SamGor outlet, in Tai Po, when he saw the row breakout.

In the caption, they said: "In the end, [a TamJai staff] separated the two with one hand on each of them. She’s so strong. She’s really an ace."

A female staff member in red, from the nearby rice noodle store, attempted to intervene to stop further brawling and the pair walked off in separate directions.

However, some internet users are on the fence about whether the incident was real or staged.

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Some witnesses told the Online portal HK01 that the alleged couple were merely filming an impressive stunt.

But regardless, viewers were left amazed by the woman's skills as one user said: “This once again proves that it’s better to offend a bad person than a woman.”

Another added: "The woman probably knows a bit about [martial arts]. She’s great! The [staff member] also has a lot of guts."


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