World Record holding Hula-Hooper attacked in park ‘over skimpy clothing’

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A world record holder hula hoop TikTok star was confronted while making a video by a crazed woman who slammed her "revealing" outfit and forced her to leave.

Getti Kehayova was trying to film an elaborate hula hoop video with her son and husband when the woman came over with a pushchair.

She yelled at Getti and came very close, even throwing her hula hoop to the other side of the playground and swearing at the group.

The Karen said: "Your bra is showing!

“This is the place where kids play. This place is for families!

"You can’t just be half-naked up there."

Getti and her husband pointed out she was wearing shorts and a shirt, but that didn't convince the lady.

She added: “Find somewhere else to bare your belly."

Finally after a minutes-long confrontation, the TikToker and her family decided to leave.

A man filming the incident sent it to her and she posted it, gaining 2.5m views in just two weeks.

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She even confronted him, asking angrily: “What are you doing? Why are you filming?”

But not everyone was convinced of the video's authenticity.

Many comments included people saying the lines seemed forced and that the outburst was carefully choreographed.

User Patty added two cry-laughing emojis and wrote: "This has to be a joke."

But Getti replied: “no joke".

One user wrote: “Ever been to a beach or swimming pool?”

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Another added: "Little kids can see you’ good and they’ll think she’s cool as hell for being able to hula hoop UPSIDE DOWN!!”

The woman has not been identified.

Kehayova posted an edited version of the incident on TikTok, captioned:“I am still shaken by this!”

The video has since gone viral.

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