World's biggest rabbit – at 4ft 3in-long – 'stolen to order by jealous rival bunny owner'

POLICE are investigating the theft of the world’s biggest bunny.

Breeder Annette Edwards fears it might be the work of a rival rabbit owner.

Ten-year-old Darius, a 4ft 3in-long Continental Giant, was snatched from a rear garden.

Annette said: “There are some very jealous people around.

“I have my suspicions who is behind this.

“I’m afraid to say it must be someone with prior knowledge.

“The thieves came over a farm fence, unbolted Darius’s large kennel, and took him from his secure area.

“We move him between the kennel and a large summer house, to keep thieves guessing.

“But someone knew what they were doing. He was stolen to order.”

Ex-model Annette, 69, of Stoulton, Worcs, sobbed: “Darius is on a special diet and I am worried he won’t survive without it.

“The thieves won’t know how to look after him.”

Darius could command a £500 appearance fee at functions and festivals.

Mum of ten Annette is offering a £1,000 reward for his return.

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