‘Worst Burger King in the UK’ with ‘cold burgers’ that ‘needs bulldozing’

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A branch of fast food chain Burger King has been branded the “worst in the UK”, with customers claiming that it “needs bulldozing”.

Based in Berkshire, at the Carnival Field Leisure Park, burger-hungry locals have been filling the branch's Tripadvisor review page with first-hand accounts of the under-siege location.

One of more than 13,000 branches in the UK, customers have written, in detail about the apparent state of the place.

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One reviewer, who visited just three weeks ago, in July, wrote: “Dirty restaurant.

“Dirty tables everywhere with no cleaning up trays or wiping tables down.

“Rude staff that are clueless .

“No gloves worn. They touched the chips with their bare hands!”

Another patron, who slammed the branch so much that he wanted to give it less than the one star minimum rating, claimed it took more than 20 minutes to receive their food.

They visited the place in June, 2022.

“Took over 20 mins for food and that was after I went into the restaurant,” they explained.

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“Restaurant extremely hot and no staff on the dining room floor for cleaning tables etc.

“Food just chucked in a bag and the manager moaned because I asked for more chips because my packet was empty as just slung in a bag.

“Branch can’t cope with drive through – Uber drivers and the diners ordering in the restaurant.

“Place needs bulldozing as too small to keep up with 2022.”

Out of of 55 reviews in total, the venue has 39 one star “terrible” reviews and just four excellent ones – although the last excellent review was in 2019, with the other three coming in 2018, 2016 and 2013.

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Another review, from February this year, claims that the place needs a “visit from environmental health”.

The user, from Wokingham, ranted: “What a disgraceful place this branch of Burger King has become

“Firstly they got my order wrong.

“No big deal in that, I drove back around and they rectified it, albeit with no apology or personality whatsoever.

“My first bite was a mouthful of cold burger and bacon and when I say cold I mean I've had warmer ice creams.

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“The fries were lukewarm at best.

“Not to be deterred I drove back around and asked to speak to the manager – this is where I think environmental health need to get involved.

“After informing him that my burger was barely warm he told me and I quote "ah yes, we serve our burgers at room temperature" which concerns me.

“If the manager thinks food shouldn't be cooked to 75C then what hope do his dull staff have.

“On a positive note I got my money back with the minimum of fuss.”

Burger King has been contacted for comment.

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