Wreckage found after private jet ‘with family on board’ crashed into ocean

According to officials, a private jet reportedly carrying a family has crashed into the Baltic Sea with four people on board.

A rescue effort to find the aircraft is currently underway after the Swedish Coast Guards confirmed they have found a wreckage of the the Austrian-registered Cessna 551 aircraft, according to the Mirror.

Alongside the pilot of the jet, a woman, a man and their daughter were also on board when the plane came down, according to German newspaper Bild.

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It was reported that shortly after the jet took off, there was a report from the plane stating concern regarding the pressure within the cabin.

NATO sent numerous jets out to follow the plane after contact was lost with the aircraft outside the Iberian Peninsula.

The aircraft reportedly took off from Jerez de la Frontera, a Spanish city at 12:56pm GMT.

The plane was then listed on the tracker as rapidly losing speed and altitude at 5:37pm GMT as the radar data suggested that the plane had completed several circular motions before landing in the ocean.

Sweden's Maritime and Air Rescue Centre head Lars Antonsson said the chance of finding survivors was unlikely.

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A spokesperson for Sweden's rescue service said: "We've learned that the plane has crashed in the ocean north-west of the town of Ventspils in Latvia, it has disappeared from the radar."

A NATO fighter aircraft proceeded to follow a Cessna plane on Sunday evening, according to a Lithuanian airforce spokesperson.

The mission in the airbase currently consists of four Eurofighter jets from the German Air Force, however the spokesperson did not confirm how many jets there were.


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