WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam shows off physique at 52 as he returns to ring

Wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam has shocked fans by showing off his physique days after a return to the ring with AEW at the age of 52.

RVD, whose real name is Robert Alexander Szatkowski, has been a mainstay in the wrestling world since he debuted in 1990.

He made a name for himself during the peak of the sport's popularity in Extreme Championship Wrestling in 1996, although did have a short stint in WCW in 1992 before that.

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After having storied battles with every hardcore legend you could think of – from Sabu to Jerry Lynn to Rhino – and holding the ECW World Television Championship for a record-setting 700 days, he joined WWE in 2001 as part of the invasion storyline when the company bought out rivals WCW.

He was a top star in the company for most of the next six years before joining Impact Wrestling and bouncing around the independent circuit for the rest of his career, although he did return to WWE briefly in 2013 and again in 2019.

Despite all of that, he has constantly remained one of the industry's most popular stars, but having not officially wrestled a televised match since 2020, his debut for All Elite Wrestling earlier this month raised eyebrows – as did his physique.

RVD made his AEW debut by challenging Jack Perry for the FTW Championship – if you're not a wrestling fan, Google that, as the explanation of its history is an entirely separate article in itself.

He lost, but everyone was in agreement that RVD is still as good now as he was in his 20s.

RVD also showed off his impressive physique on Twitter just days after the match.

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On Twitter/X, one fan wrote: “Rob is was lovely to see you back where you belong.

“What a performance, you still got it, you really do.”

And a second wrote: “I had no idea you were still this amazing.

“Happy to be eating s**t over this – your match rules.”

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A third added: “It was tear jerking to see you do your thing in there man, blew everyone away, hope it isn't your only match in AEW.”

Speaking about the match a few days later, RVD actually admitted that he got permission from WWE to appear on the rival AEW show.

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He is thought to be signed to the company on a legends contract, and tweeted: “Some fans are saying I did WWE wrong by appearing on AEW.

“I wonder if they would all eat s**t (i)f I revealed that I had permission to do it?”

Despite appearing on AEW television, RVD is currently involved in one of the weekly challengers gamers face on the WWE 2K23 video game My Faction challenge.

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