Yorkshire residents already celebrating death of killer Peter Sutcliffe, ex-Ripper cop reveals

YORKSHIRE residents are already celebrating the death of the "brutal" serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, an ex-Ripper cop has revealed.

Former senior police officer at West Yorkshire Police Bob Bridgestock said locals are already saying "good news, good riddance" after the news the infamous killer, 74, died of coronavirus today.

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Mr Bridgestock was one of the first officers on the scene when Josephine Whitaker, one of Sutcliffe's victims, was brutally murdered.

He told BBC Radio 4: "Peter Sutcliffe wasn't a very intelligent killer, he was just brutal.

"(He was one of those) serial killers who will be detested way after they have gone."

Mr Bridgestock said despite an outpouring of euphoria after he was convicted of his crimes was also mixed with huge hatred for the man who murdered 13 women and tried to kill another seven between 1975 and 1980.

And he said locals were already celebrating the news Sutcliffe had died.

"I walked my dog this morning and people said, good news, good riddance, this morning," Mr Bridgestock said.

Sutcliffes horrible crimes "destroyed lives", the ex cop said, and after he killed Josephine Whitaker, the first victim who wasn't a sex worker, people in Yorkshire became frightened to go out.

The former police officer urged people to remember the victims – not the murdered.

"It's the victims which would serve a life sentence, and the victims family, for them today they will hopefully have some kind of closure that he has actually died, but it won't bring any of the family members back."

Mr Sutcliffe is understood to have died of a collapsed lung after refusing treatment for coronavirus.

Nobody was allowed to be by his side in his final moments because of restrictions on visitors in hospitals.

A source said of his final moments: "No tears were shed.

"His death was as pitiful as the vile life he had lived."

The son of one the Yorkshire Ripper's 13 victims said he was glad Covid produced "one happy ending" after the monster died in hospital.

He told The Sun: "Good riddance. Who’d have thought that coronavirus could produce at least one happy ending?”

But in a final insult to the victims' families, the monster went to his grave without ever apologising for his gruesome crimes.

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