YouTuber livestreams himself taking a poop on Nancy Pelosi’s driveway… and says ‘That’s for Trump’

A YOUTUBER live streamed himself appearing to defecate on the driveway of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The man, identified as "Armando", could be seen squatting outside the congresswoman's California home before standing up and saying: "That was for Trump."

Pelosi is the most senior Democratic politician in the US, and has frequently been the focus of criticism and attacks by supporters of the president.

Footage streamed on Saturday shows Armando walking through the streets of San Francisco before stopping and setting up his camera outside Pelosi's home.

He then crosses the street and stands for several minutes before saluting to the camera and squatting down.

He then appears to defecate on the sidewalk outside a garage door, claiming to be carrying out an act of "peaceful protest".

After walking back across the street, he is heard saying: “That was for President Trump.”

He is later heard saying: "I can't believe I just did that.

"F**k you, Nancy Pelosi. I hope you enjoy that s**t."

The stream, entitled "Poopalosi", has garnered almost 20,000 views on YouTube.

A clip from the stream was shared to twitter by user @Nic0legaray.

"Man poops on Pelosi’s driveway and live-streams it," she wrote.

"2020 will be a year we never forget but would really like to."

She also said the stream was being watch by 1,200 people, some of whom were sending the man money.

In a later stream, entitled "I'm gonna need a lawyer", Armando claimed that, following the incident, he was detained by the Bay Area Rapid Transit Police.

The detention was reportedly requested by the Capitol Police Department, the force responsible for guarding members of Congress.

“It was scary, man,” he said in the stream.

“They asked me about Kamala Harris, and about how I joked on the stream that if she lived in San Francisco I’d s**t on her house too.

“They weren’t f***ing playing.”

An anonymous user claiming to be the man in the clip later apologised for the incident.

"@SpeakerPelosi, I know you may not ever see this but I want you to know, I meant no foul harm yesterday when I did what I did," a post read.

"I'm not proud of it at all and I just would like for you to know that.

"I have no ill will against you or anyone in an elected officials position.

"I would just like for you to know that."

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